Seasonal Depression

This time of year gets a little weird for me. As Mother Earth begins to wake up, something inside me begins to shift. I’ve always referred to this as “seasonal depression”. However, the only season this weird inner shift happens for me is Spring.


As I entered my twenties, during times of “seasonal depression,” I began to realize that my mind, body and spirit were simply trying to shed the old and make room for the new. I noticed we humans naturally let go of anything that no longer serves us, whether it is emotions, thoughts or even people.


When you are in line with Mother Earth, you know. You know because you are able to feel her transition. I call this transition “seasonal depression.” Mother Earth is always in transition and we are too. When you acknowledge what is happening and you understand that transition is OK, going through it becomes easier. The sadness, confusion, tears, worry, stress, whatever you are feeling is part of the process. Let yourself go through those emotions, shed the old and make room for the new. Allow doors to close so new ones can open. Embrace whatever comes next. Remember, you are Human and just like Mother Earth, you are a powerful, beautiful, Energy made for change, transition and adaptation. You got this!


One last note: During times of transition, I turn to nature for medicine. I often take walks, tree bath or even just sit around a fire. Being outdoors, with Mother Earth, HEALS.

Michaella Shannon